Geyser Prices

Depending on the geyser brand and capacity, a new unit will cost between R3100 to R6065. You will also need to pay for geyser installation and the average cost of a geyser installation is from R2000 to R2300

If your geyser is leaking or not heating the water properly, it’s probably time for a new geyser. Geysers last between 10 and 20 years and come in a range of sizes and brands. 

What Affects Geyser Prices? 

  • Brand
  • Capacity (eg. 100 litres, 200 litres, etc)
  • Size
  • Labour and installation

There are various factors that affect the cost of geysers:

Geyser Brands

The most popular geyser brands in South Africa include:

  • Kwikot
  • Duratherm
  • Heat Tech
  • Franke


As one of the most popular geyser brands, Kwikot is trusted by South Africans and has a wide distribution network. They offer a wide range of geysers in various sizes and the price ranges from R3841 to R6065


The cost of a Duratherm geyser ranges from R3260 to R5208.

Duratherm geysers are well-known for their quality and longevity. Their units are normally very high-tech and Duratherm technicians are widely available in South Africa. 

Heat Tech

Heat Tech geyser prices range from R3400 to R3500.

Heat Tech geysers have been designed to be environmentally-friendly and very energy-efficient. With their cutting-edge technology, they are a great choice for a hard-working geyer. 


Franke geysers cost between R3100 to R5000.

As the first choice amongst many plumbers, Franke has excellent after-sales service and a large presence in South Africa. 

Price of Geysers

Below are the prices of some of the most common geysers in South Africa:

BrandProduct DescriptionCapacityPrice
Kwikot5yr Superline 400KPA Dual Geyser DSG-100-5100 litresR3 841
Kwikot5yr Superline 400KPA Dual Geyser DSG-150-5150 litresR3 793
Kwikot5yr Superline 400KPA Dual Geyser DSG-200-5200 litresR6 065
Duratherm Dual Geyser Class B Rated100 litresR3 260
DurathermHorizontal Geyser Class B Rated200 litresR5 208
Heat TechTrendline Geyser Class B Rated100 litresR3 455
Heat TechTrendline Geyser Class B Rated 50 litresR3 436
Heat Tech Trendline Geyser Class B Rated150 litresR3 423
FrankeCombiSlim100 litresR3 100

What Type of Geyser Do I Need? 

The main consideration when choosing a geyser is the capacity as this will determine how much hot water it will provide. A geyser that’s too small won’t supply enough hot water, while one that is too big will waste electricity

Below is a handy guide to choosing the right capacity geyser for your needs: 

Geyser CapacityPerfect for
50 litresStudio apartment or granny flat with 1 occupant
100 litresSmall townhouse or flat with 2 people
150 litresSmall family home with 3 people
200 litresAverage-size family house with 4 to 5 people
250 litresAverage to large house with 5 or more people